Workshop Leader

Over the last five years I have gained experience and training in running outstanding music making workshops, running workshops for children, young people and adults in a variety of settings from schools, to day centers for the homeless.

This ‘Creative Ensemble’ approach, is inclusive of musicians from all musical backgrounds, playing any instrument at any skill level, and works with small and large groups of musicians.  I was trained by Robert Wells of The Guildhall School of Music and I have seen the success workshop approach work in building communication, music skills and confidence with young people and adults alike.

In addition to instrumental workshops, I also deliver Singing and Harmony workshops.  All workshops can be delivered as a one off, or a series.  I also have a large bank of workshop leaders to deliver workshops from samba or African drumming to beat programming, rapping and advanced guitar skills.

The workshops also have huge therapeutic value for those groups with issues such as mental health, addictions and learning disabilities.  They are also great as corporate team building activities!

I am also trained in the Kodaly method of teaching music to babies and children.  Kodály’s  approach to music education is based on teaching, learning and understanding music through the experience of singing, giving direct access to the world of music without the technical problems involved with the use of an instrument. The musical material, which has proved to be the most potent and effective is a country’s own folksong material.

The Kodály approach to music education is child centred and taught in a logical, sequential manner. There is no “method” – more a series of guidelines. Tools used according to Kodály guidelines are relative solfa, rhythm names and handsigns.”  This approach is particularly effective with nursery and primary aged children. 

If you would like further information about workshops and how they might fit into your school or organistaion, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.